The Show

A refreshing new series airing Every Saturday, Canada Wide!

30 Minutes to Wealth: The show that teaches you how to build wealth through real estate!

30 Minutes to Wealth is all about teaching viewers ways to acquire wealth through effective real estate investment strategies that are concise, easy to understand, and based off of real life experiences and case studies. The show offers something for everyone, at any age, or any stage in life. It is real, genuine, and features an abundance of specialists in the real estate world that are willing to share their stories and success factors with you! The show covers a wide range of topics including both active and passive investment strategies such as real estate acquirement, renos + flips, construction + development, mortgage investing, real estate investment trusts, etc., and features experts including seasoned developers, builders, lawyers, accountants, real estate tycoons, and people with simply inspiring stories.

Our vision is to enable our viewers to learn and discover the possibilities of acquiring wealth through real estate. Wealth is a concept that can be defined in numerous ways and entails so much more than just monetary fulfillment. The term “wealthy” can be applied in life, love, family, time, finance, and beyond. Our objective is to help our viewers achieve wealth in all of these categories.

Catch 30 Minutes to Wealth every Saturday on CHCH at 10:30am EST.