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Case Study: Victorian Revival

This 1850’s Victorian home was in desperate need of repair and caught the attention of our savvy real estate investors. Together, Carmen and Jordan saw the potential in this beautiful property. They had a clear vision on how they would renovate it to suit today’s modern standards while maintaining a Victorian charm.

With the power of private financing, the investors were able to negotiate a great offer on the property that included a quick closing with limited financing conditions. This offer being attractive to the purchaser, allowed them to secure this property for a great deal!

The property consists of 7 separate units, each with its own kitchen, living space, and bathroom. There is a separate two-bedroom coach house located in the backyard, which was also completely renovated. After renovations were completed, the property was then rented and refinanced institutionally to reduce monthly debt obligations. The final outcome and total return on their investment was a great success!

View the before and after transformation photos, and discover how value was created through renovation.

Subject Property + Collateral Real Estate
“as is” value $1,500,000

Total Debt + Equity Invested

On Complete Appraisal

Total Gain

Refinance Mortgage Institutionally
at 65% Loan To Value
for a Total of $2,500,000

Equity Takeout
$500,000 Towards Next Purchase!

Exterior & Coach House:

Edin Exterior

Edin Exterior

The Coach House

Coach House Interior


Before: Exterior

Before: Exterior

Before: Bathroom

Before: Interior


Before: Staircase

Before: Kitchen

Before: Staircase


Living Room


Living Room



Sitting Room

After Photos

Living Room

Go Create Wealth!

Carmen & Jordan Campagnaro

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