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S5 E12 – Riches in Real Estate Niches

Carmen and Jordan meet with Heather Blankenship, real estate investor and entrepreneur. 

Heather’s investment strategy primarily focuses on RV Parks, Mobile Home Parks and section 8 Multifamily properties. With nearly 11 years of experience as an investor and niche broker covering RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks, Heather has supported nearly $300M of transactions in the industry. 

In this episode, we talk to Heather about her incredible success story, how she got started in real estate on a whim, where she chooses to invest, how she evaluates her properties, and her secret to success. She is an educator in the RV park industry and a big advocate for women in real estate. This is a must watch episode for anyone looking for inspiration. We highlight how there is incredible opportunity in real estate asset niches, and how hard work truly pays off.

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